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OA Summit Circle Barnwood Relief (shipping included)

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OA Summit Circle Barnwood Relief (shipping included)
OA Summit Circle Barnwood Relief (shipping included)
OA Summit Circle Barnwood Relief (shipping included)
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OA Summit Circle Barnwood Relief (shipping included)
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Beautiful bronze plates mounted on distressed barnwood that is guaranteed to be unique. No two pieces of wood will be the same. This second run of the reliefs features a rusted "Summit Circle" header that mimics the entrance of the real circle at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. The bottom of the relief features a disc of wood from centennial fire emblazoned with the 100th anniversary logo.

The total size measures 14" tall by 6" wide with the bronze metal reliefs measuring 2.5" by 3.5". Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment as each piece is made at the time of the order. Only 50 of this second run of the barnwood reliefs were made and each is individually numbered. Customers will be shipped the lowest number available at the time of ordering. The piece also comes with a detailed explanation of the origin of the sculptures, which can also be found below:
As the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow approached, the original OA ceremony circle on Treasure Island Scout Reservation had fallen into disrepair. Years of flooding forced the Philadelphia council to decommission the camp. Nature reclaimed the site. The woodland scene of so many inspiring ceremonies no longer heard the voices of Scouts.

The Order resolved to restore and preserve the place of its origin by relocating the original ceremonial grounds to a new home nestled along a gurgling creek at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia. To keep with the objectives of the site as a place of quiet reflection and pilgrimage, the Centennial Chairman, Ray Capp, decided that it would be his personal contribution to the effort to use art to silently tell the story of the Three Tests that challenged inductees in 1915. To memorialize what happened at the original site he created three bronze sculptures featuring hands performing the tests.

The first: A Scout is handed a bundle of sticks and asked to break it. He cannot. The ceremonialist then demonstrates that the task can easily be accomplished by breaking the sticks one at a time to feed the cheerful fire. The lesson: STICK TOGETHER, the name of the first bronze.

The second: The Scout is asked to encircle a large tree with his arms. He cannot, alone, but with the help of another Scout, together, in brotherhood, they can. The lesson: JOIN HANDS was chosen as the title of the second bronze.

The Third: The Scout is asked to scale a steep, muddy incline. Alone he cannot, but if he will accept the outstretched hand of service by one who went before, it is easy. The lesson: LIFT ONE ANOTHER.
Together, these three reminders, to Stick Together, Join Hands, and Lift One Another, stand quietly, permanently, and meaningfully at the OA Summit Circle and bear silent witness to our pledge to always observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow.

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