Replacement Founder's Award Medallion

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Founder's Award Medallion sits on wooden base with gold placard where recipients name would go.
Replacement Founder's Award Medallion
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To request a replacement Founder’s Award medallion, you will need to request a replacement through your lodge leadership and/or Scout Executive.

A request from a member of your current Lodge Key 3 and/or Scout Executive can be emailed on your behalf to It is recommended that the lodge verify the requestor is a Founder’s Award recipients before submitting the request to OA. All submitted requests for a replacement medallion will be verified against the national OA awards database, even if the lodge has verified the requestor as a Founder’s Award recipient.

The cost of a replacement medallion is $60.00 and will be billed directly to your council. It is the responsibility of the requestor to pay the council/lodge for the cost of the medallion. It is up to the council/lodge to decide whether to collect payment before submitting a request for a replacement medallion.

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